Christmas Trifle Recipe: Trifle Laced with Amaretto and Strawberry

Posted by on Dec 18, 2012 in Baking & Cakes, Christmas and Holidays, Recipes
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Merry Christmas to you all and here’s a Merry Christmas Trifle Recipe to boot!

I was asked to provide a Christmas Trifle recipe for a work colleague so I was only to happy to oblige. This is more of an assembly of ingredients rather than a cooking recipe but if you want to make your own custard or jam rather than shop bought then feel free. The use of Amaretto rather than the traditional Sherry is a welcome twist and that marzipan taste works really well with the fresh fruit. And to make it extra moist and flavoursome I’m using Madeira cake rather than Trifle fingers. There’s no hard and fast quantities here, use whatever suits your taste and scale it to the amount of people you will be having over to join in the festivities!