Oakes Grill Restaurant at Hanbury Manor Review

Posted by on Feb 23, 2016 in Restaurant Reviews
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Hanbury Manor Hotel is a Marriott property billed as a hotel with “five star luxury” and includes the Oakes Grill Restaurant boasting excellent food. Located just outside Ware in Hertfordshire, it’s a bona fide 5 star hotel in some lovely English countryside. with the original house built of striking red brick in the mid 1700’s, its an impressive looking place and would be fitting of a restaurant serving 5 star food. Could the Oakes Grill R estaurant at Hanbury Manor live up to the Marriott hype? (more…)

Hotel Maiyango, Leicester – A Review of the Paper’s Reviews

Posted by on Feb 5, 2016 in Restaurant Reviews
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Hotel Maiyango is one of Leicesters most unique and interesting places to eat. It’s part of a small boutique hotel which sits on the outskirts of Leicester city centre and as you would expect it has its own restaurant. If you didn’t know, I’m from Leicester and the restaurant at Hotel Maiyango is one of my favourites and I’ve spent many a night there eating a concoction of different things and drinking their fantastic cocktails. While trawling the internet one day I came across a couple of reviews in national newspapers, the Telegraph and the Indepenedant, which were less than complementary about one of Leicester city centres best restaurants. This riled me somewhat and I feel like I should step in to defend Hotel Maiyango’s corner somewhat. (more…)