Christmas Sausage Roll Recipe with Chestnuts and Cranberry Sauce

Posted by on Dec 13, 2016 in Christmas and Holidays, Comfort Food, Recipes
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It’s CHRISTMAS!!!! Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a Christmas sausage roll recipe. Unfortunately, I’ve never really found a decent shop bought Sausage Roll and I’m always left disappointed by the flavourless pappy taste you get left with. The sausage meat is flavourless, the pastry is utterly dry and the whole thing is so overpriced! I find it astonishing that a humble Sausage Roll is one of the first things you buy for that Christmas or Boxing Day buffet but its normally one of the most disappointing.

A sausage roll can be one of the most delicious things to eat on the planet and I’m sick of being deprived of one of my favourite things! So this Christmas I have embarked on a quest to make the ultimate Festive Christmas Sausage Roll recipe and I’ve come up with a bloomin’ good one too! (more…)

No Mature Spiced Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe

Posted by on Jan 2, 2013 in Baking & Cakes, Recipes
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Yes its January. Yes I”m dieting again but I found this no mature, Spiced Christmas fruit cake recipe in a new magazine subscription I took out and I simply had to document it so I don”t lose it for next year! Its full of Christmas spice, extra moist and a little bit boozy so its everything a Christmas cake should be.

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I ended up making this because I ran out of time to make a fully matured Christmas cake and, after visiting the BBC Good Foot Show earlier in the month, I ended up subscribing to the Good Food magazine where I found this gem of a recipe. It”s dead easy to make and will be well suited to anyone with a food mixer. You can mix it by hand if you like but I”m lazy so this “chuck all the ingredients in” approach really suits me.